"...The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonders forever."


Captain Tim Mackay

Born and raised in South Florida, I grew up fishing and boating every chance I had. Before I could even walk, I was hanging out with my dad at work, watching him do diesel engine mechanics on all the local charter boats. I would talk to the mates, learning how to rig lines and gaining knowledge of all types of fish.

By the time I was 16, I owned my own flats boat, and used to run 30 miles offshore from New Smyrna Beach to chase the dolphin and tuna. I continued learning, some self-taught, but mostly from fishing with the greats. Listening to their stories, I found connections with strangers: a shared love for the ocean and the Adrenaline Rush that comes from chasing down what lurks in its depths. I assure you, there is always something bigger and angrier out there...

My wife and I moved back down to the Jupiter area after a few years in Northern Florida. I worked on a few charter boats as both a Captain and a Mate, perfecting my skills and continuing my dream of running my own boat once again.

Here at Adrenaline Rush Charters, we make dreams come true. Be it trolling for a big Wahoo, kite-fishing live bait for giant Sailfish, witnessing the gorgeous color changes of a giant Mahi Mahi (left), or bending the rod on a monster size Reef Donkey, I am here to accommodate you. Great fun for families, friends, work outings and so much more. Call me today!